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Let's face it, choosing a right piece of jewelry can be hard, especially when you already have loose gemstones or a ring you no longer love. Channel your inner designer and come talk to us. If you can dream it, we can create it. That’s where our true passion lies: our team can help you design and develop jewelry of any complexity using your materials or purchasing pure metal. We will work with your ideas and sketches or we can help you find inspiration using online resources.

the process

After you have decided what kind of jewelry you want to make to order, the process of creating custom jewelry begins.

Modern technologies make it possible to create a unique decoration with a minute elaboration of elements in strict accordance with the sketch. The basis of the future virtual model most often resembles a piece of play-doh. Wax models are used both for settling design details and for production of cast pieces. If the piece is to be cast, as most are, we first create a wax master model. 

There are different types of wax used for jewelry making. Blue wax is bendable and especially well-suited for items needing flexibility. For the finer products we like green wax for its ability to form intricate patterns and greater details. Once completed, you can view your model to see if it is exactly what you're looking for. If not, we will make adjustments at no additional charge.


Then begins the prototyping of the decoration model. Important technical characteristics need to be take into account, without which it is impossible to cast an ornament in gold or silver. These parameters include, for example, the thickness of the metal, the diameter of the stones, their arrangement, etc and make appropriate adjustments. If the need arises, even at this stage it is still possible for you to monitor the finished wax model for approval; we will work with you until we get it exactly right.

The next stage is metal casting: the technological process of manufacturing the finished product, or parts of the product for subsequent processing and assembly.

And at last there is literally that final touch, which includes polishing, elimination of casting defects, if necessary, soldering parts of the product and fastening stones. That's where we bring out that perfect finish of gold or any other metal so you can enjoy your own creation. 

The process of creating a three-dimensional model allows you to anticipate in advance possible "pitfalls" and correct the shortcomings that can occur when casting products from metal. This makes it possible to produce jewelry of the most unusual design. 


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