Tissot: the Swissness at its finest

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When it comes to watches it can be hard to find that perfect pair. Naturally the choice narrows down to a Swiss timepiece: just like chocolate, it will always be considered a guarantor of quality and owners of chronometers from this country will never be accused of a lack of taste. According to Swiss law, in order to qualify as a Swiss watch, it must be assembled in Switzerland and have a Swiss mechanism.
We are proud to be the official representative of Tissot. This high calibre of the brand is a unique combination of the best Swiss tradition and world-leading achievements. Modern durable materials, high-precision, reliable construction, original design solutions - thanks to such characteristics, the company's products have been keeping the leading positions in the market. For a century and a half the company maintains a reputation for producing exceptionally accurate chronometers all over the world.
The history of the company began in 1853, it was created by the farmer Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son Charles Emile. The foundation of this outstanding business was established in the city of Le Locle. The first workers of the new watch company were simple farmers: in the winter they had very little work so the earned some money by assembling watches. Soon a small store for selling watches appeared.
For a very long time all the work on making Tissot was done manually. Due to expanding production the workshop merged with Omega in 1917 and became a manufacture with modern equipment for the making of serial pocket watches.
Assortment of wrist accessories "Tissot" is constantly updated with cutting-edge novelties, which directly affects the development of the entire watch industry.
  • In 1930, the company developed and released the first ever antimagnetic watch. Subsequently, this technology was adopted by all manufacturers of watches.
  • During the war, Tissot manufactured watches for military markets. Reliable and affordable chronographs with wide arrows were popular among the captains of British submarines.
  • Tissot released the avant-garde wristwatch in a plastic transparent case in 1971, which later became the prototype of the Swatch chronometer series.
  • Tissot is one of the few modern brands that still manufactures pocket watches.
This brand is associated with the world of sports. And it's no accident. Starting from the distant 1930s, the company is a sponsor and the main timekeeper of various sports competitions.
In 1957, Tissot became the official timekeeper for the prestigious Davis Cup tennis and has since been wearing this proud title in many sports: bike and auto racing, ice hockey world championships, basketball tournaments and fencing championships. The company also produces limited sports watch series. For example, specially for the Swiss hockey team was released a series of chronometers T-Tracx, which became a lucky charm not only for athletes, but for fans of hockey. As an official supplier of watches, the manufacturer cooperates with the International Cycling Union (UCI), the Australian Football League (AFL), the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), the Superbike World Championships (SBK) and the National Basketball League (NBA).
All watches produced by the brand are a standard of Swiss chronometers, famous for their conservative reliability, accuracy and prestigious design, and a variety of models will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding buyers. We’ll talk about various lines in depth in another post.

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